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Aircraft Ownership is Easy



True to the core of what SimplyFLY is all about; here again is something different. LOW cost aircraft ownership! WHAT?? Yes, you read that correctly... LOW COST AIRCRAFT OWNERSHIP! That used to be an oxymoron, but not anymore. At SimplyFLY, we have put together a program that allows you to be in an Aircraft Ownership LLC with up to 4 other individuals at INCREDIBLY LOW COSTS.


At the highest level of ownership cost, you can own the top of the line equipped, NEW Light Sport Aircraft for $6,260 out of pocket: $410 per month with an hourly operating cost of just $50. Those costs include EVERYTHING! Nothing is hidden! And those costs are for the MOST EXPENSIVE Light Sport Aircraft on the market with ALL the options!


A more realistic ownership cost scenario would be $3,380 out of pocket: $307 per month with an hourly operating cost of $50. These costs reflect a 2 to 5 year old, well equipped Light Sport Aircraft and this also includes everything!


Ok, so you're asking what "everything" entails. Well, for those of you who are new to Sport Aviation and wouldn't know if I left anything out of the list anyway, everything means... everything!  That is all normal costs associated with the acquisition and ongoing ownership of the aircraft. For those of you who do know about the cost involved with aircraft ownership and operation here's the list of what's included:


Contact us today and let SimplyFLY, the leader in Sport Aviation, show you how to become an aircraft OWNER!

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