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SimplyFLY is a Remos Dealer, as well as one of two Remos Factory Service Centers in the U.S.



Ready to fly a cutting-edge revolutionary aircraft? Meet the REMOS GX series aircraft.

The Remos is our idea of the perfect aircraft, it's cost efficient, fun, and easy to fly. Made in Germany by some of the finest engineers and technicians, the REMOS GX series aircraft are aerodynamic masterpieces. Powered by the Rotax 912 series engine with a worldwide proven track record and equipped with cutting edge avionics, including a standard Dynon Skyview 7-inch primary flight display. The responsive controls and comfortable cockpit provide distinguishable agility and maneuverability, making every flight a delight for student pilots and experienced pilots alike. The cabin is 6.7 inches wider than a Cessna 150/152 and 4 inches wider than the popular Cessna 172 - so there is plenty of room for a comfortable and enjoyable flight every time. Our aircraft’s leather seats and sporty aesthetics dominate the cockpit design. Intricate details and precise craftsmanship offer a foretaste of the REMOS’s performance and state of the art safety factors.


--- SOLD ---

2007 Remos G3-600 (N406RA)

Condition: Used

Sale Price: $62,500

Tachometer: 852.9

--- SOLD ---

2016 Remos GX (N434GX)

Condition: New

Sale Price: $148,000


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Customize YOUR very own REMOS!

Interested in customizing a Remos to meet your individual needs?

Take a look at the available options offered for equipment and interior/exterior decor. 

For more information, give us a call at (888) 937-4359 and you'll be one step closer to flying home your custom REMOS!

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