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Red winter wow

$99/hour only until March 1st

April 1st!

Our Savage Cub, renting for only $99 per hour! When the winter doldrums bring you down, let SimplyFLY take you up…in the Cub!


The Red Winter WOW is now in effect—Unlimited Cub rental at $99 per hour until March 1st! To be quite honest, we understand how hard it can be to get up during the winter flying season. Work, wealth, and especially weather can contribute to the challenge of hitting the skies. We strive to continue sharing the wonders and thrill of sport aviation in the winter. In an effort to keep the excitement alive, SimplyFLY has implemented the Red Winter WOW to help make your dollar go further in your winter flying budget. Satisfy your longings to fly this winter; stay out of the winter doldrums. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy the jet-like aircraft performance that winter flying offers?


Keep in Mind that the Red Winter Flight Program only lasts until March 1st. Take advantage while this offer lasts. Contact SimplyFLY at (888) 937-4359.

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