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Your Solution to Mastering Aviation Knowledge

Having strong aviation knowledge is paramount to a pilot's safety. SimplyFLY's ground school provides a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, and resources every class on Saturday.


 In-Person, hands on learning

Every Saturday, from 9:00AM-12:00Noon

Course continually revolves on a 13 week schedule

Each class is independent from another allowing flexibility on beginning the course

Subjects covered in the program include:

  • Principles of Flight/Aerodynamics

  • Flight Controls/Aircraft Systems

  • Flight Instruments/Flight Manuals and Documents

  • Weight and Balance

  • Aircraft Performance

  • Weather Theory

  • Aviation Weather Services

  • Airport Operations

  • Airspace

  • Naviagtion

  • Federal Aviation Regulations

  • Aeromedical Factors/Aeronautical Decision Making

  • Question & Answer 

What's the Cost?

For a one-time payment of $500, you will receive an unlimited, life-time subscription to SimplyFLY ground school! Only need refresh on a couple subject areas, attendance is $40 per class!

*Although Ground School is not mandatory, it is highly recommended (Those who attend ground school are found to be more successful with training by an order of magnitude).


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