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Fly With The Doors Off!



The GX is Remos' latest line of aircraft. It has a redesigned wing that allows our pilots tranisitioning into a sport aircraft to feel right at home. This airplane is a very forgiving platform to learn to fly. You can fly with the doors off in the summer for an experience that resembles a Jeep Wrangler. Burning 4.5 GPH of fuel at a 120mph cruise allows for excellent fuel efficiency. It is even 4 inches wider than a Cessna 172 Skyhawk!

REMOS G3-600

The Remos G3-600 will give you some of the most fun you can have in the sky. Extremely docile flight characteristics allow even the newest pilots to have confidence in thier skills. You can also fly with the doors off in the summer, like the Remos GX. The G3 shares the same fuselage design, allowing for familiarity between it and our GX. With the longer wing the G3 has a 17:1 glide ratio and is able to boast incredible short field performance. We like the G3 so much we have three of them!

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